Inspired by Nature

Unique functional forms

Xylem tissues

The word "Xylem" is derived from classical Greek ξυλον (xylon), literally meaning "wood". Xylem Vessels are named after the specialized cells that transport water up from the roots to the very top of a tree. These handcrafted Xylem Vessels also hold water and their designs are inspired by the diversity of beautiful organic forms to be found in the plant world.

Natural Beauty

Exotic wood veneers

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As a tree grows, successive layers of cells are laid down annually, forming the growth rings we see when a tree is cut. By thinly slicing a log, lengthwise, into sheets or veneers, the exquisite patterns of these cells that form the grain of the wood are revealed. Xylem Vessels are molded from layers of fine veneers stained and finished to enhance their natural beauty.

Organic Form

Natural Design

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Forms found in the natural world inspire each Xylem Vessel. The leaves of a banana plant, the flower of a tulip, ripples in the sand, the cone of a fir tree, the bowl of a pitcher plant, even a slice of tomato have all served as inspiration for different xylem vessel designs.

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